Friday, November 13, 2009


Unfortunately, we don't have a photo yet to document Ty's love for gum or more importantly what he will do to get gum in his mouth. We thought it might be fun for us to describe one of our most recent stories and then you can create the imagery on your own.

It was morning and the normal noises of breakfast and getting ready were broken by a sudden quietness. Quiet + Ty = Mischief. I had only stepped away for a minute to use the bathroom and when I came out to the quiet I saw an overturned laundry basket with at least 10 gum wrappers strewn around it. There amidst the wrappers was Ty with a mouthful of green mint gum. In a matter of minutes he had found a ladder of sorts (overturned basket) and reached the gum that was on our bedroom dresser. He consumed every remaining piece of gum in the package and with that scene before me I just couldn't get mad...all I could do was laugh, admire his very minty breath, and hide the rest of the gum in the house!

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