Sunday, May 15, 2011

Human Burritos

Daddy and Ty are always having fun together and creating new games to play.  I call this one "Human Burritos".  I had a lot of fun watching and documenting their game unfold...or rather get folded - tee hee.  I was able to get clearer pictures when Jamie was rolling up Ty because he would go slower, but when Ty rolled up Daddy he wasn't so cooperative, so the pictures may be a little fuzzy, but if anything true to life.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Group Swimming: Take 2

The first group swimming class turned out to be a little too big, so we switched for the rest of his lessons to a smaller class with the same teacher. Ty missed his friend Ella, but he still had a blast!

Group Swimming: Take 1

We put him in his first group swimming class this winter with his friend Ella and Ty just loved it!  Ty loved his teacher Carolina and being with his friend Ella.  Out of all the kids he was the most adventurous or fearless.  He just went for it!  His favorite is to jump into the water to his teacher.  Now he is taking a once a week private lesson with Teacher Tyler (pics coming soon).  Ty loves his new teach and he is progressing rapidly with the one-on-one instruction!  We are excited to test out his new skills this summer up at Nana and Papa's cabin!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Scuba Steve

After we got back from our Caribbean cruise over Spring Break (to celebrate our 10 year anniversary this September), Jamie and I left our snorkel gear out in the living room and Ty discovered it and had fun trying it on.  I couldn't help but think of that movie "Big Daddy" where they have that character Scuba Steve...  Ty is our Snorkel Ty.  Not as catchy of a name as Scuba Steve, but definitely way cuter!

Friday, May 6, 2011

GREEN is my favorite color!

I hope you are reading the title like you are singing that Aerosmith song, "Pink!"  PINK IS MY FAVORITE COLOR!  Or in this case, Ty's favorite color is GREEN!  When asked why?  Ty replied, "Because Green means GO!"  Can I just say that is just so appropriate for him.  He is a kid that is constantly on the go in every way.  Back to green...everything is green.  At swimming lessons he wants the green noodle, at meals he wants the green dishes and when he colors he colors all in green as you can see below.  The list goes on to include: green jellybeans, broccoli, crayons, gum.  If it's green Ty will love it.

Cleaning Up His Toys

After being asked to put his toys away one night, Ty got creatively sneaky and used his onesie pajamas as his toy chest.  We didn't find out until we heard him walking around...every time he walked it would clank.  That is when he unzipped his pajamas to reveal his toys.  There were so many, it was hilarious!  The best part was that he pulled out his little toy hammer first.  It was priceless!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs

We took Ty on the longest hike he has ever done so far while we were down in Utah to see Anasazi Indian petroglyphs. We took the Tempi'po'op Trail, which is a really well maintained trail that takes you up to a rocky ridge where you can search for the rock drawings the Anasazi did many years ago. Ty did amazing on the way up, he needed very little help and only a few breaks ("I need a break!" see below picture of him sitting on the trail). Once we got up to the top we had a blast climbing the rocks and searching for all of the rock drawings. The drawings were impressive almost as much as Ty's stamina!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ty's Haircut

Normally, Jamie or I will cut Ty's hair, but since we were down in Utah and Ty's was pretty scraggly and his bed-head hair was getting hard to tame, we thought it would be fun to get it professionally done. Ty did great...only a little hesitation at the beginning, but the hairstylist was wonderful (and it helped that she had candy to bribe him with too). What a handsome guy!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Petrified Dunes

Another one of our favorite places to explore and hike is at the Petrified Dunes in Snow Canyon Park. Aunt Melinda and her hubby Landan came with us to explore this time around. It was their first time, so it was fun to introduce them to it.
(We dubbed this Landan's Throne.)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Rock Climber

On this exploring trip we did lots of climbing. The main reason being that Ty loves to climb. He is a natural climber and he has no fear, which is a little scary, so we always have to make sure we are right with him because he will take on any rock. To show you have funny he is, he actually yelled out "I'm the best rock climber in the world!" while he was climbing up a big rock.
Ty the artist having fun using loose rocks to "draw" on the rock walls in the little nooks and crannies we would explore.

Red Rock Walkabout

After Daddy arrived in St. George, we would go on outdoor adventures even more! One of our favorite spots to hike around and explore is a Red Rock area just off the main road. We always end up visiting more than once and we always find new places that we haven't seen before and old ones that have become our favorites. It is fun to see how much Ty is able to walk and climb around on his own this year, compared to last year! Our little man is growing up too fast!