Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cute Candids

Oh, the places Ty will go. Behind the curtain, in the pantry to find a Coke that he will never get to drink, staring out the window at Daddy, in a box, and of course with Mommy and Daddy!

Christmas Day

A Christmas kiss for Daddy.

Opening one of his presents - a cute Nativity set.

Spending time with Grandpa in front of the warm fire.

Eating the orange that we get every year in our stocking.

The Christmas Tin pose.

Daddy's Shoes

As December rolled around, Ty developed a fascination for wearing shoes. One night he became really interested in wearing his dad's big tennis shoes and so we slipped them on snug and he actually started walking around in them! What a strong little man he is and also it was a great chance for some cute photos!

Winter Firsts

This winter was Ty's first chance for a lot of firsts. First time to see and play in snow, first time on a sled, first time trying to eat snow, first time falling in the snow. And boy did he love snow! He didn't want to come in because he was so intrigued with all this white stuff that you could just stick in your mouth. :)

Santa Claus

Ty was a little unsure about Santa Claus this year. It has got to be the facial hair that makes him uneasy. We were able to get some pictures by distracting him with a candy cane and by taking a picture as a family behind Santa. It took two different visits to get some decent pictures. Ho, ho, ho!