Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stretching Our Legs

On our drive back from visiting my sister and the zoo, we made a stop at a park in a city we passed through. There was a fun play area.

Playing hide and seek with Mommy and Daddy.

Peeling bark off a tree.

A stick for hitting a tree with, of course!

And he's finally spent!


We had so much fun taking Ty to the zoo for the first time. We stayed with my sister, who also loved having some quality time with her nephew while we had a couple of date nights. It was a very fun trip and Ty can't wait to visit the zoo again!
Watching the Toucans jump from branch to branch

Walking with Daddy down the wooded path

Laughing at the swimming Penguins

Just can't seem to get close enough to the Snakes

Enjoying a snack while watching the Gorillas

Reaching for the DANGER sign at the Zebras

Enthralled with the lazy Tigers

Curious about the sleeping Bears

Staring contest with the Orangutan


Ty is really into trucks right now. He especially loves his truck book that has pictures of construction, farm and city vehicles - it has a dump truck on the cover, so Ty calls it his "dump truck" book. As we drive down the street he is constantly pointing out by name "excavators, bulldozers, forklifts, tractors, cement trucks..." You get the idea. It is the cutest thing because he says it in his little scratchy voice. He loves his electric-powered ATV that he can ride to the park and back. He also loves to ride in Daddy's new truck/jeep. Look at the pure glee on his face after we did a little off-roading at a local park.

This is Daddy's new toy....um, I mean Jeep.