Friday, June 5, 2009

2+1= FUN

When Mommy visits her friend Marianne, Ty gets to play with his two friends Henry and Max. (He also likes playing with their older sister Ava who likes to call him "Baby Ty".) These three always have fun playing and getting into trouble.

Two of Ty's Favorite Things

Ty loves his green blankie and his red firetruck. Mommy got some cute pictures of him with his sunglasses playing with his two favorite things.

Memorial Day at the Lake

For Memorial Day we went up to Nana and Papa's cabin. The weather was perfect so we could actually enjoy the beach and the water. Well, the water was still a little cold, but we did stick our feet in and I think Jamie actually dove in at one point and then got out really fast! Ty had lots of fun with the sand in every way you could imagine. Ty also loves getting a ride in the "bye-bye" which he calls anything with wheels because mom always says, "let's go bye-bye!". He likes to get in the golf cart and pretend drive.

Playground Fun

Ty loves going to the playground. Here are some pictures we got from our latest trip to a new playground we were trying out.

Ty and Zach

Ty has a big buddy named Zach. Every once in a while they get the chance to play around. This is one of those times. They were having a blast running around the backyard and copying each other. They would fall down over and practicing stunt men. The had fun! Ty loves his big buddy Zach!