Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Aunt Melinda helped create a mini car for Ty by using the plastic container that we put his nativity toys in and by giving him his car steering wheel toy. He loved being pushed around the living room!

Ty and Ella

Ty and Mommy got to play with Ella while her Mommy went to the dentist. Ty loved being the big kid and having Ella crawl after him.

On the go...

These shots accurately portray just how much our little man is constantly on the go. We feel lucky when we get a good photo, because we know the window of opportunity is very small.

Me and my PJ's

Here are some fun shots of Ty in his PJ's. The first picture shows his amazing froggy footed pajamas that Uncle Bret and Aunt Laura gave Ty for his birthday. There were a little big at first, but now he has grown into them. The bottom photo is Ty in our massage chair reaching out for me because he would rather hold the camera than have me take a picture of him. This photo always makes me laugh because it is one of the sides of Ty that is not often documented, but that does definitely exist. :)

A New Toy!

Winter has been long and it has forced us to find creative ways to play inside. While we continue to be creative and wait for warmer weather to come, we decided to get Ty a fun inside toy that would help him use up some of that energy that he seems to have endless supplies of. Ty loves it and he especially likes to find new ways to slide down - belly headfirst, belly feetfirst and has even attempted to walk down...but was thwarted by Mommy.