Monday, February 8, 2010

Tourists and Travellers

We were able to drive over to Las Vegas early one day so that we could take in a few of the sites before we flew home on Ty's first airplane ride! We had fun visiting the Mandalay Bay Aquarium where Ty got to see sharks, a huge octopus and turtles, among other things. We walked and walked and walked down the main strip. It was surprising cool and rainy, so we used my scarf and Jamie's coat to keep Ty warm in his stroller. We got to see the inside of the Venetian which was amazing with the sky-like ceilings and water canals. One of our favorites was the Bellagio fountains that play along with the music. Ty had such a busy day! Car trip, bus shuttle, airport tram and then an airplane ride. He was a great traveller and was so excited to get on the airplane and then once we got him in his seat, before we even took off, he fell asleep!

Red Rock Adventure

We decided to check out this cool area right off the main road where you can climb and hike and explore. One of the photos we tried to make it look like Ty was actually free-climbing the side of the rock (Daddy's idea of course) and it turned out cute. It ended up being a really fun place to explore and a great view of the city.

4-H Animals

We were able to bike over to this lot nearby that housed all the 4-H animals for the local high school. Ty loved to see the pigs, sheep, horse, rabbits and chickens. He tried to feed them grass and other things. The picture where the sheep are looking at Ty, but Ty is not looking at them is one of our favorites.

Bucket and Shovel

Sand dunes continued...this was another trip to the dunes with a bucket and shovel added for the full experience!

Sand Dunes

Snow Canyon has some great sand dunes (all red sand!) and Ty loved rolling, jumping, running and digging in them! This was our first trip out to the dunes, so we didn't have a bucket or shovel yet. To be continued...

Snow Canyon

Nana and Papa have a place close to Snow Canyon State Park, so we felt so lucky that we were able to have fun day trips there often while we were visiting. This is a great scenic viewpoint.


In early January, Ty and Mommy took a trip down to Southern Utah with Nana and Papa. One of our stops was at a place that had a carousel. Ty LOVED it and he got to ride it at least 4 times I think. He wanted to try a new horse every time!