Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Day

Our little family went camping a few hours south for the weekend. We stopped by a dam on a nearby river to check out the fish ladder before we got to camp. At camp, Daddy and Ty had fun in the boat, but the water was a little too cold still for swimming even though Ty really wanted to go. There was a play area where Ty made a couple of friends and it was a nice little trip, even though we got hit with rain and had to head home a little earlier than planned.


Ty really enjoyed our first watermelon of the season. He dug right in and there was watermelon juice squirting everywhere! Delicious and fun!

Sweetest Things

Ty and his friend Ella had a blast eating popsicles and drinking juice and just being silly!

A Good Read

Here are a couple of Daddy and Ty reading moments captured on camera because they were just too darn cute to pass up!

Planting a Ty Tree

What an adorable tree! Ty likes to help us in whatever task we may be doing. This time it happened to be landscaping our backyard. We were moving some trees and Ty's job was to jump into every hole before we put a tree in.