Monday, July 12, 2010

"For Narnia!"

This photo is dedicated to Ty's cousins who had fun teaching him the phrase "For Narnia!" We are so, so ecstatic that we get to hear it all the time now...(read sarcastically.)

Sand Fun

We went up for the day to Papa and Nana's lake cabin and even though the water was still a little cool, we still had fun playing in the sand on the beach!

Ty and Thane

While helping Aunt Melinda and Uncle Landan move out of their apartment Ty made a new friend with their neighbor downstairs. They played so well together that we actually exchanged numbers so we could do a playdate in the future! Don't you love how fast kids can make friends?!

Lunch Date

We always have fun taking Daddy out to lunch when we can. The downtown park and waterfalls are one of our favorite places to walk around after we have a bite to eat.

Top Model Ty

This was the first time Ty actually asked me to get out the camera so I could take his picture. What a cute poser! It would be nice if he was like this more often when we want to take pictures!

My Guys

It was a perfect hammock day and I was so glad I grabbed my camera to take this cute shot of my adorable guys.

Slippery Slide

Ty had a blast helping his friend Milo celebrate his 3rd birthday by playing on an inflatable water slide! Ty climbed the ladder and went down like a pro; he had no problem keeping up with all the big kids that were there!