Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We decided to revamp our fireplace. So for about a week our living room was a Ty-free zone, except for this one supervised time that Mommy took some cute candids of Ty "helping remodel".

Yogurt, Lemon, Cell

These are a few of Ty's favorite things. He loves his Danimal yogurts. He absolutely loved his first taste of lemons. On our road trip to Oregon he loved having his toys.

Focus All Attention Here

Ty got this shirt as one of his birthday gifts from Nana and Papa. Here is our "modeling" session which will allow you to see some different sides of Ty, including his goofy side and his love for brushing his teeth. (I took creative license and played around with the coloring on a couple of photos.)


Over the Thanksgiving holidays Ty got to meet his cousin Trey for the first time. They are less than a month apart. It was fun for us to see how much they have in common. Mostly, getting into everything they are not supposed to: remote controls, holiday decorations, televisions, and basically anything on the ground.

Monday, November 3, 2008


All that is ONE: Walking (at 11 months actually). Talking on the cell. Exploring. Red-eyed from a tantrum. Absorbing life's daily adventures.

Trick or Treat

Fall Is Here

Some fun fall pictures from our front yard and from the pumpkin patch.

Ty Turns 1

The Family celebration took place on Ty's official birthday, 10.31 at our house with some family joining us from near and far. We thought Ty would dig right into his cake, but he was tentative and kept looking at me and Jamie wondering if it was ok. We all had fun watching him eat and open his many presents. Ty will be very busy with all the new toys he has!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

11 Months Old

Ty Michael is only a month away from turning 1 years old! Ty gets cuter and smarter everyday. Some of Ty's favorite things this month have been: saying "uh-oh!", getting into cupboards, closing doors, climbing the stairs (but being timid about going down). He has been trying more and more new foods and seems to love them all. Ty is walking a few steps in between objects, but still prefers speed crawling. Here are some pics from the past month.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Making the transition...

The Baby Central site limited our space for pictures, so we decided to transition. From September 2008 and forward this blog will be our Photo Gallery of sorts. Please continue to visit Baby Central for new VIDEOS and new NANA'S BLOG posts.