Monday, May 4, 2009

The Tent

Daddy got home from his scout overnighter and had to air out his tent. It was the perfect opportunity for Ty to play in it! We have to mention that the cowboy boots were his choice of shoe. The are a little too snug, but he still insists on wearing them. I think we will need to upgrade them soon. :)


Here are some pictures from our Ward Egg Hunt where Ty caught on pretty quickly with the whole process of picking the egg up and putting it or throwing it (see Nana's Blog for more on that) in his basket. You can also see Ty in his handsome Easter outfit that Nana bought him. He did not want to sit still for a these were the best ones!

Park Fun

Mommy and Aunt Melinda took Ty to a nearby park and he loved going down the slide and swinging and probably most of all he loved running away from Mommy so he can explore!

Water Hose

Ty was helping us fill the fountain with water in the front yard. He loves water! It was colder outside, but he still wanted to play in the water! You can tell in our family photo that he was not happy that we took him away from the hose to take a picture and to get inside to warm up!

Gravel Rocks!

Ty loves sand and gravel. Here are the usual 1,2 and 3 steps he takes to immerse himself in it completely!

Patio Helper

Mommy and Daddy decided to remove their deck and add pavers to the backyard and Ty did his best to be a helper. Ty liked to imitate whatever Jamie and I were doing, so we would give him a mallet and little garden shovel so he could "help" us with our project, but he would always try to go for the big shovels or he would get bored and explore the yard.