Tuesday, January 25, 2011



PEAM: [peem]
Also known as Cream or Whipping Cream.
1. Cream that has been beaten until light and fluffy.
2. A delicious treat that can be consumed directly into the mouth at any time. No dessert necessary.

I'm A Bunny

If you give Ty a carrot then he will turn into Ty the bunny. Ty the bunny likes to hop around the house and munch on his carrot (clothing optional). This is Ty showing off his carrot to Mommy bunny.

Hi Santa!

Every December Jamie's work rents out the carousel downtown for a couple hours for all of the employees and their families. You get to ride the carousel over and over for free and Ty just loves it! Ty also got to sit on Santa's knee and tell him that he wanted a dinosaur puzzle for Christmas. Ty loved the candy canes Santa gave him and we would have to agree that he was the most enthusiastic kid in line to see Santa. Ty would say "Hi Santa!" over and over until we got to the front of the line. It was so cute! P.S. Santa did bring him a dinosaur puzzle!