Sunday, December 6, 2009

Daddy Time

Playtime with Daddy is one of Ty's favorite things to do each day and probably one of mommy's favorites too...I seriously have a smile plastered on my face the whole time because they are so cute to watch and then I run and get the camera and try to capture it.

Trolley Ride

Ty was actually quite reluctant to get onto this trolley ride. It is so low-key and slow it is pretty funny that he was even worried. It also only lasts like 20 seconds. We were able to get him on there only after he saw other kids get on and then I think I even got in there (which was quite interesting) until finally he decided to try it and of course LOVED it and wanted to do it over and over and over...

Naptime Friends

Ty and his friend Ella both had their blankies and stuffed animals and decided that it was time for a nap on the floor. I was sure happy that they were so excited to play "naptime"...I only wish they had actually napped. The nap was quite short lived as they were up on their feet within 30 seconds of this photo being taken. These cute kids are always on the move! So much energy!

"Fix It" Horse

Ty loves his rocking horse! It makes noises when you press either of the ears which Ty loves to imitate! However, he doesn't ride it as much as he "fixes" it. Ty likes to copy daddy and find some type of "tool" (any toy or object on the ground that resembles a screwdriver) and he will use the tool to "FIX IT!" as he likes to say. He will lay the horse on its side and find where the screw is and pretend to unscrew and screw it. So smart!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Birthday Boy

Ty turned two on Halloween and so he got lots of sugar that day! We had pizza...which is one of his favorites and then we sang Happy Birthday and he loved blowing out his candle (he has had practice doing it at Nana and Papa's house...he likes to help Nana blow out her candles). Then we opened his many gifts and he was literally shaking with excitement with each present he opened. Cake and ice cream followed (Mommy made a car cake because Ty loves the movie CARS). It was a lot of fun and we are so glad Auntie Melinda and Uncle Landan and Nana and Papa could help us celebrate it! Happy 2nd Birthday Ty! We love you!

Halloween 2009

Ty is getting bigger and he can now do trick or treating! Ty practiced learning/saying the "trick or treat" phrase during the entire month of October so he would be a pro by the time Halloween rolled around! We would even put him in his costume so he could get used to it too! It worked brilliantly! When we did the Church Trunk or Treat and the handful of houses in our neighborhood he rocked it! Ty knocked on doors and said "trick or treat" and if allowed he would help himself to the basket of candy. He always said "thank you" and more than once he tried to help people close their doors when he was done. He had to be the cutest TYger we've ever seen!


Unfortunately, we don't have a photo yet to document Ty's love for gum or more importantly what he will do to get gum in his mouth. We thought it might be fun for us to describe one of our most recent stories and then you can create the imagery on your own.

It was morning and the normal noises of breakfast and getting ready were broken by a sudden quietness. Quiet + Ty = Mischief. I had only stepped away for a minute to use the bathroom and when I came out to the quiet I saw an overturned laundry basket with at least 10 gum wrappers strewn around it. There amidst the wrappers was Ty with a mouthful of green mint gum. In a matter of minutes he had found a ladder of sorts (overturned basket) and reached the gum that was on our bedroom dresser. He consumed every remaining piece of gum in the package and with that scene before me I just couldn't get mad...all I could do was laugh, admire his very minty breath, and hide the rest of the gum in the house!

Missing Camera...

The digital camera went temporarily missing one day and when I checked the photos it turns out Mr. Ty figured out how to turn it on and take a picture of himself. I wonder how he liked the flash?! This photo was the result and we think that with the wash out effect and dark nostrils he kind of resembles Voldemort...

Dip It

Dip It...Dip It Good! That would have to be one of Ty's many philosophies. Ty loves to dip his food. Nuggets into ketchup. Toast into oatmeal. Cookies into milk. He is an all opportunity dipper.

Hello Mouth!

One day after work Jamie and Ty were goofing around (which is a daily occurrence) and then Ty started to pat Jamie's belly and then moved on to being fascinated with Jamie's mouth. He started saying "mouth" repeatedly and then moved on to saying "hello" into Jamie's mouth like he was trying to talk to someone down in the his throat. It was so funny! Go to our WEBSITE to see the video! We will have it up soon!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Costume Preview

Ty the Tiger!

Harmonica Harmony

I was cleaning up around the house and found a couple of harmonicas which Ty immediately was interested in! Then before I knew it the men of the house were playing harmoniously with the harmonicas and of course it was a perfect picture moment!


Ella and Ty

Ty has weekly playdates with Ella. They play really well together and it is fun to see what transpires!

Mowing Helper

Ty loves his little lawn mower toy and he always gets it out when Mommy and Daddy are mowing.

Meena and Gracie

Aunt Melinda used to nanny once a week for Gracie and her brother and sister. Ty and I would sometimes visit. Ty would always say "Meena and Gracie!" when he knew we were on our way to visit. Here are some photos from one of those visits.

Downtown Park

We went downtown to enjoy a community event and Ty had fun on the playground. He always makes friends wherever he goes! Ty loves to talk to people and sit by them. Such a friendly guy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Children's Museum

It was a cooler summer Saturday so we decided to do something indoors. We went to the local Children's Museum and Ty got to play on all sorts of fun things. He enjoyed the area for kids 3 and under where he got to play with toys, but he also had fun venturing outside of that area to play with all the older kid exhibits.

Lake Fun

Mommy and Ty went up to Nana and Papa's cabin for the day during the middle of the week to enjoy some sunshine and water. Ty had fun watching Papa floating on the lake and he even ventured in and did some floating of his own. There was lots of playing in the sand with Nana and we even were lucky enough to have the beach all to ourselves!

Diaper Buddies

Friends that wear the same diapers are friends for life. Isn't that a famous quote somewhere? This scene with Ty, Max and Henry in their diapers holding their beloved fruit snacks was too cute to pass up. It is funny to see the subtle changes in their facial expressions in each picture. I also love how one of the twins has his arm on Ty's back. So much love!