Sunday, December 6, 2009

Daddy Time

Playtime with Daddy is one of Ty's favorite things to do each day and probably one of mommy's favorites too...I seriously have a smile plastered on my face the whole time because they are so cute to watch and then I run and get the camera and try to capture it.

Trolley Ride

Ty was actually quite reluctant to get onto this trolley ride. It is so low-key and slow it is pretty funny that he was even worried. It also only lasts like 20 seconds. We were able to get him on there only after he saw other kids get on and then I think I even got in there (which was quite interesting) until finally he decided to try it and of course LOVED it and wanted to do it over and over and over...

Naptime Friends

Ty and his friend Ella both had their blankies and stuffed animals and decided that it was time for a nap on the floor. I was sure happy that they were so excited to play "naptime"...I only wish they had actually napped. The nap was quite short lived as they were up on their feet within 30 seconds of this photo being taken. These cute kids are always on the move! So much energy!

"Fix It" Horse

Ty loves his rocking horse! It makes noises when you press either of the ears which Ty loves to imitate! However, he doesn't ride it as much as he "fixes" it. Ty likes to copy daddy and find some type of "tool" (any toy or object on the ground that resembles a screwdriver) and he will use the tool to "FIX IT!" as he likes to say. He will lay the horse on its side and find where the screw is and pretend to unscrew and screw it. So smart!