Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Children's Museum

It was a cooler summer Saturday so we decided to do something indoors. We went to the local Children's Museum and Ty got to play on all sorts of fun things. He enjoyed the area for kids 3 and under where he got to play with toys, but he also had fun venturing outside of that area to play with all the older kid exhibits.

Lake Fun

Mommy and Ty went up to Nana and Papa's cabin for the day during the middle of the week to enjoy some sunshine and water. Ty had fun watching Papa floating on the lake and he even ventured in and did some floating of his own. There was lots of playing in the sand with Nana and we even were lucky enough to have the beach all to ourselves!

Diaper Buddies

Friends that wear the same diapers are friends for life. Isn't that a famous quote somewhere? This scene with Ty, Max and Henry in their diapers holding their beloved fruit snacks was too cute to pass up. It is funny to see the subtle changes in their facial expressions in each picture. I also love how one of the twins has his arm on Ty's back. So much love!

Strong Arms

We decided to test Ty's arm strength while at the park. He did awesome! He held on for a LONG time and he thought it was hilarious!


We went on a bike ride and at the end there is a little viewing area with a beautiful waterfall. Ty just had to see it and I loved the opportunity to get a couple of Daddy and Ty pictures. Fun fact: Ty can actually say the word waterfall and it is super adorable! His vocabulary grows everyday!


When Ty goes to sleep you will always find his Elmo Bear and Blanky with him. Daddy picked out the bear for Ty last November and he has become a bedtime buddy for Ty ever since. He came up with the name Elmo not too long afterward...probably from watching Elmo World videos. I wasn't able to get it on camera, but he did give Elmo a kiss. So cute!


Mommy and Ty got to meet up with Daddy for lunch one day at a park near his work. We had fun swinging, climbing and running all over the park!

Summer Loungin'

Ty is enjoying a break from playing in the backyard sprinklers to get a snack and smell the marigolds.