Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Costume Preview

Ty the Tiger!

Harmonica Harmony

I was cleaning up around the house and found a couple of harmonicas which Ty immediately was interested in! Then before I knew it the men of the house were playing harmoniously with the harmonicas and of course it was a perfect picture moment!


Ella and Ty

Ty has weekly playdates with Ella. They play really well together and it is fun to see what transpires!

Mowing Helper

Ty loves his little lawn mower toy and he always gets it out when Mommy and Daddy are mowing.

Meena and Gracie

Aunt Melinda used to nanny once a week for Gracie and her brother and sister. Ty and I would sometimes visit. Ty would always say "Meena and Gracie!" when he knew we were on our way to visit. Here are some photos from one of those visits.

Downtown Park

We went downtown to enjoy a community event and Ty had fun on the playground. He always makes friends wherever he goes! Ty loves to talk to people and sit by them. Such a friendly guy!