Friday, March 5, 2010


Playing around with Ty's sunglasses...which amazingly fit Jamie too!

Green Beret

We were visiting one of our friends who happens to be a Green Beret and so all of his gear was laying out and Ty was immediately fascinated with it, in particular the backpack. (He likes Dora the Explorer, so of course he knows how cool backpacks are!) Andrew was kind enough to let him try it on and then Ty got to ride around in Andrew's big duffle heard me right. He was IN it. Ty loved playing with all of Andrew's gear!

Mexican Food

Nana treated Mommy and Ty to lunch one day. He loved the chips and salsa and the treat at the end (which is what is in the photos). It was hard to keep him sitting still, so it ended up being a pretty short lunch, but still fun and definitely memorable!


Every night before bed Ty gets to pick at least one book to read. One of his favorites is his Cars book and he just happens to be wearing his Cars pj's while reading his Cars book! (Thanks Nana and Papa for the great gifts!)