Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Drummer Boy

To our utter delight (total sarcasm) Ty got a drum and other LOUD instruments from Jamie's mom and dad for Christmas. This photo shows the pure glee he gets from hitting the drum, but it doesn't show dad singing along to the tune of Little Drummer Boy. Definitely a family band in the making.

Shirtless Spaghetti

The boy loves his pasta! We decided to let him go shirtless so he could go "buckwild" as they say in Ice Age 3. Yum, yum!

Cousins and Jammies

We went down to Oregon for Christmas this year and Ty got to hang out with his many cousins. Here he is with Brett and Owen; they kindly stopped their jumping on the trampoline so that Mommy could take a photo of them. So cute!

Bubbles, Towels and Hugs

Ty loves to splash and play in the bath...he will often make bubble beards and try to turn the bathroom floor into a bath as well! He looks so cute in his towel turban and giving daddy a hug to stay warm!

Laundry Basket

Ty decided to hide under the laundry basket one day and it was a cute photo op of course!

Flour Fun

For Christmas we made some pancakes in a jar to give out and of course one of those layers was flour. That flour spilled on the counter and it turned into play time for Ty! We got him down to his diaper and he had a blast getting floured.

An Apple A Day

In Ty's case it is four apples in a day. He got caught getting into the fruit bowl and decided to take a bite out of each of the apples. We are guessing his agenda was to let us all know that they were his apples and we better leave them alone! At least they are healthy right?!?